About Us

The Tucker Family


Hi, thanks for taking a moment to check out Bella Strong Apparel. My name is Lance Tucker and I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and former CrossFit Affiliate Co-Owner; but more importantly, I am a husband to Tracy and a father to three beautiful girls, Elise, Avery, and Payton. While these four ladies keep me extremely busy, they also keep me motivated in life and have been instrumental in encouraging me to help so many others in regard to their health and fitness. They are also the motivation behind this company and our designs.

How did Bella Strong Apparel Co. get started? Well, a few years ago I watched the CrossFit’s “Beauty In Strength”: video (link below) and as a husband and dad of three girls, it really resonated with me. It also resonates with me as a coach of so many female athletes. Over the years, I've watched a lot of women come into the gym and be somewhat afraid. Afraid of the CrossFit workouts, afraid of the weights, afraid of getting “bulky”, afraid of failing, and afraid of being judged. But what’s so motivating is watching these same ladies, including my wife and daughters, overcome these fears and gain confidence in how strong they really are, how well their bodies move, and finding beauty in their strength!

Being impressed with the hard work and results of the ladies in my gym, I launched the “Beauty In Strength” slogan for a t-shirt in our box and it was a hit. It took a little time to develop the plan but that’s where the Bella Strong Apparel started. The ladies in my gym only represent one small CrossFit community, so I know there are many more women out there who have overcome these same fears and found the beauty in their strength. So, to all you bad-ass ladies out there working hard to stay fit and healthy, our designs are in honor of you.

Beauty in Strength Video: